Industrial Equipments & Machinery - Some of Major Projects Handled

CAD- Design projects :

  • FE analysis of 30*50m. span portal crane with 22 number of Load cases.
  • Design Of composed machines.
  • Design & automation of a gear box assembly line.
  • Design of automatic job changer for gear cutting M/c.
  • 3D modeling, detailing & drafting of automotive welding fixtures.
  • Data conversion 2D to 3D CAD modelling of portal crane.
  • CAD data conversion steel plant machinery & equipments.
  • 3D CAD modelling, detailing & drafting of Hoist crane, EOT cranes & many other types of cranes. 
  • CAD data conversion of Machine Tool, Packaging M/c, Printing M/c, Processing Equipments and many other industrial machinery & equipments.
  • Design of Material handling, Automations systems & SPMs.
  • 3D CAD Modeling, detailing & drafting of conveyor system & parts.
  • Legacy data conversion of many machinery / equipment parts & assembly.
  • GA/Detailing & drafting of steel plant / cement plant / sugar plant machinery & equipments.
  • Industrial equipment & machinery reverse engineering assembly.


CAE - Design Analysis Projects :

  • FE Analysis of portal crane with 22 no of load cases.
  • Design analysis & design optimization of a hoist crane.
  • Design analysis & optimization of compressor mounting base frame.
  • Mechanism simulation of scissor lift.
  • FE Analysis of a tow rod for 72 ton capacity
  • Vibration / stability analysis of a tower structure
  • Stress analysis & design optimization of a truck trailor mounted 30 m hight telecom tower.
  • Design analysis of a robotic tool holder arm.
  • Bearing Failure analysis & solution of steel plant machine.
  • FE  Analysis of genset mounting frame.
  • Design Analysis & Optimization of Genset Shelter for following load cases :
  • Acceleration (Braking) = 2G, Up & Down (Bump) = 3G, Both side  (Cornering) = 0.5G, Lifting by Crane = 2.0G, Lifting by fork lift = 1.0G


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Snapshots of Industrial Equipments & Machinery Projects